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Heart and Soul Equine was established out of a real desire to help horses. I also love helping folks, through useful information, become better partners with a horse. This information provides for a happier horse, therefore a better outcome and relationship for both.

Consultation Services

How Can Sandi Help Me?

Regardless of whether you’re someone who has just purchased a new horse, is thinking about buying a horse in the future, or someone who is returning to horses after a long time off from riding, I can help you: Think though some of the initial steps in horse ownership, help you determine the ‘right’ horse if you have not yet located one and help you with many horse related ideas and suggestions that will save you money in the long run.


I offer a variety of Package Options, as well as customize packages based on your needs and budget. I also provide “one off” consulting and coaching sessions (1-3 hours). Simply contact me for a no-obligation phone meeting where you can explain your needs, and we’ll determine the best way to proceed together.

As the Author of “Before the ‘Crop’ Comes Out – 8 essentials to consider before disciplining your horse”, Consultant and Certified Riding Instructor, here’s an overview of what I can help you with. Some of my clients just need help with a few things…BUT many need my help with ALL OF IT!:

Practitioner Referrals

Need help choosing a dentist, veterinarian etc. Get advice on quality practitioners to add to your list of team members for your horse.

Saddle Fitting

This would include an exam of a current saddle or saddle to be, with recommendations for changes or adjustments. Includes trace outline of horses back for new saddle purchase if applicable. For western riders, this exam may utilize Equifit© fit forms which can instantly show good fit possibilities for available trees or bars in particular saddle brands.

Bit Fitting

Includes mouth exam, measurements and recommendations for bit size, mouthpiece level (estimated for horse) and shank level (estimated for rider).

Hoof Balance Analysis

This includes written analysis of all four barefoot or perimeter shod feet with recommendations for any balance or alignment changes for your farrier. Horses’ feet must be able to be handled easily.

Rider Fitness Analysis

This is a private consultation with custom recommendations made for improved endurance, strength, flexibility and riding balance for new, returning or experienced riders.  All recommended exercises can be done at the riding facility with comfortable riding attire.

Basic Nutrition Analysis

Horse’s approximate weight will be taken and body condition scoring will be done. The horses current or perspective exercise program and feeding regime will be discussed. Samples of any current hay or grain will be collected and analyzed or suggested. Findings will be returned with documentation, along with recommendations to enhance the overall basic health of the horse giving you instant feedback for improvements needed. (Forage testing – additional $49.00)

Horse Conditioning Analysis

This consultation will review a horse’s current exercise program or fitness along with a discussion on your riding goals and make recommendations to improve or develop a program for endurance, strength and balance.

$25.00 ranch call fee applies in addition to the hourly rate for in person consultations- up to 40 miles from Santa Clara, CA.  Please call for additional mileage fees.



“Sandi has really done her homework. She knows more about good basic shoeing principles than most I have met.”

M. Fernstrom – Professional Farrier

It is easy to forget in our day to day work with horses that there is much more involved than just hopping on and riding. Sandi reminds us that it is our responsibility to be the best caretakers possible for our trusty friends. It is also important not to become complacent in our dealings with horses and people connected with them… we should always strive to educate ourselves more, staying up to date with the latest news and information. Sandi’s 8 essentials are exactly that… Essential!

A. Milne – 36 Year Riding Veteran, Horse Owner and Equine Artist