Heart & Soul Equine

Heart and Soul Equine was established out of a real desire to help horses. I also love helping folks, through useful information, become better partners with a horse. This information provides for a happier horse, therefore a better outcome and relationship for both.


Sandi Bell is the breath of fresh air the horse world needs. Written from the heart, this book reaches out to all horse owners and riders to remind us that our fast-paced lifestyles and need for instant gratification can lead to us forgetting what really matters – our partnership with our equine friends. For the love of the horse, I urge all riders to take some time out to reconnect with the true meaning of good horsemanship by reading through the considerations put forward in these pages and to take a fresh look at “life in the saddle” from the viewpoint of those who so willingly carry us.

Linda J Purves BHSII, author of Horse and Rider Fitness

“I wish every author had the passion, wisdom and heart that Sandi Bell has shown in writing this book!”

C Perry, San Jose California

“Sandi has really done her homework. She knows more about good basic shoeing principles than most people I have met.”

M.Fernstrom – Professional Farrier

“I have been involved with horses for over 25 years, and have rarely met someone who is as knowledgeable, and intuitive about the whole horse, mind, body, and spirit as Sandi. Sandi always listens to your questions and concerns and then can give you solutions or alternatives to what you are looking for. Sandi is never pushy with her agenda, but will guide you into finding a solution for what is the most fair and beneficial for the horse, and you. Her motivation is first and foremost to make sure that the horse is being treated fairly and will then help you build a relationship with your horse based on mutual understanding and respect.”

Elise Lalor – Dressage & Western Horse Owner

“Sandi has helped me to understand what my horse needs and why all in such a simple way. I really enjoy working with her.”

G. Olsen

It is easy to forget in our day to day work with horses that there is much more involved than just hopping on and riding. Sandi reminds us that it is our responsibility to be the best caretakers possible for our trusty friends. It is also important not to become complacent in our dealings with horses and people connected with them… we should always strive to educate ourselves more, staying up to date with the latest news and information. Sandi’s 8 essentials are exactly that… Essential!

A. Milne – 36 Year Riding Veteran, Horse Owner and Equine Artist